Elliott Smith

Carried the Elliott Smith gang to all the Mean Fiddler festivals at Glasgow, Leeds and Reading.

Unlike T On The Park the organisation of Mean Fiddler appears to be a tight fisted shambles. No serious consideration given to coach parking, size of stage nor location of ramps.

At Leeds I hadd to reverse the coach and trailer several hundred yards uphill on a slop with a severe camber (see photo) so I kept sliding sideways until I lost a mudguard knocking a wall down. One of Trathen’s coaches had his trialer smashed by a shunting vehicle and a Berryhurst coach lost an upper deck window.

A mixed trip but I did get to meet Slipknot so if you want to see a photo of what they really look like under their masks click here.

The quality of the pictures I took are not that good but here are a few.

The band photos are poor quality but this one is accurate – that really was the angle of camber we had to suffer on that slippery stell road!

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