T On The Park

  This was a really nice clublike gig from Snow Patrol. They had the small marquee tent sponsored by the Performer’s Rights Society and had a very enthusiastic crowd. They must have been keen when you consider the other big name bands that were playing at the same time on the big sound stages. The beginning of the gig was delayed due to technical problems but apart form one incidnet when a guitar failed it all went absolutely fine. Below are a small selection of photos I took. At the time of writing I undertstand two of them will be featured in this week’s Sunday Times.

At the end of day on the Sunday we watched Mogwai do their thing. Sort of like ancient Pink Floyd with hysteria. I felt it was rather mathematical and intellectual rather than emotional type of music but they deny it! It was Mogwai who started the Blur Are Shite campaign – I disagree with that!

Here is Mogwai in a sort of Dracula meets Darth Vader image…