Strange colours and things going on at a wedding reception


Model of my Jumbocruiser coach.

Largest bus in the world.

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Local police stag party in Beer

A picture hanging in Dublin that looks likeFrances with horns


This gentleman was an immigrant from Iran in the 60s. He hangs around Richmond Station near London. He is a professor of philosophy who studied under Jung (briefly) at St. Andrews University and also was at the University while Peter Ustinov was Dean He became a tramp after his wife and daughters were killed in a car accident.

Fliying bird taken from a Seaton tram.


Reflection of trees in a puddle




This brilliant picture by Eric Isaacson shows our wives drawfed by giant toadstalls. In fact Eric lay on his tummy and took these photo underneath a 3 inch high toadstall giving this odd perspective.

This is the engineer who installed our Sky satellite system who looks just like the cartoon character in Sky’s advertisement.