Best Software Development Conferences

In the field of computers, the people who design and update computer software are called Developers. They are salaried or self-employed professionals working for computer companies or corporate sponsors, or volunteers working in the field of free software. Developers often work in developer communities. It is a profession that requires a certain sense of logic, concentration and above all a lot of passion, because it is in perpetual evolution. The programming languages that are often born, the new technologies that come out every year in order to try to simplify the work of the developers are all things that the latter must constantly integrate in order to remain competitive. It is definitely a profession that requires a lot of intellectual effort and to be fully dedicated to it you have to be passionate.

CES, BlackHat USA, Cloud Expo, DEF CON, Super Computing Conference – find all the events, trade fairs and conferences dedicated to computer software. Choose the best events to grow your business in new markets, meet new customers and Exchange other IT engineering professionals, specializing in IT software design and development. In addition to the workshops and conferences, you will be able to meet innovative exhibitors, IT decision-makers and adopt modern solutions to your company’s challenges. The events dedicated to computer software are the ideal places to develop your business, but also to know your market and follow the latest trends. This list, dedicated to the best Software Development Conferences, will guide you to find the shows that really fit your business.

As a developer, we are sure that you attend to many conferences and due to you expect to get practical and technical content and of course meet with people who face some of the same problems and challenges as you. And if you’re like most of your peers, exhibition halls are a lower priority. Fortunately, most software development conferences focus more on technology than on suppliers. This makes developer conferences an ideal place for developers not only to expand their technical horizons and knowledge, but also to expand their other technical abilities.

Here we offer you a list of the best software development conferences in 2019, which are only listed below but dates, locations and prices were not all available at the time of publication, especially for events that take place in the end of the year. So, we have provided information through the years about the event to give you an idea of what to expect and what you will get if you decide to participate. As more information we have, we will update this guide.

  • DeveloperWeek – February 20-24, in Oakland, California, USA
  • JSConf Hawaii – February 7-8, in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
  • QCon London – March 4-6, in London, UK
  • Devnexus – March 6-8, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Strata Data Conference – Training and tutorials, March 25-26; keynotes and sessions, March 27-28, in San Francisco, California, USA
  • SmashingConf – April 16-17, in San Francisco, California, USA
  • RailsConf – April 30-May 2, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
  • Open Source Summit Japan – July 17-19, in Tokyo, Japan
  • Microsoft Ignite – November 2-8, in Orlando, Florida, USA
  • dotJS – December 5-6, in Paris, France