Latest Software Development Trends

The market for it and new technologies grew strongly in the past few years. Particularly the software sector, which grew by 4.1% and is expected to maintain its pace of development for the coming year. But what is the secret of sustainable development? Automation has already proved its worth and artificial intelligence will play an essential role. Let’s find out how, and what future trends will move the software universe.

  1. Development through artificial intelligence

According to Gartner, 40% of the applications created in 2022 will be co-developed by artificial intelligence. Objects and solutions will be more connected to each other. Artificial intelligence also accelerates computer development by automating processes. It is not just an added value to web development. Entrepreneurs see it as a great opportunity to help exploit data. This is why tests will be carried out in autonomy, which will allow a faster detection of potential problems and will facilitate the resolution of bugs. Finally, the developer profession will become more accessible, with software to help create applications with artificial intelligence, such as the ” low code “. Low code is developing faster with as little code as possible.

  1. The growing importance of customer data management

According to the study “Context is Everything” carried out by Adobe, 67% of the companies surveyed plan in 2019 to exploit artificial intelligence for the customization of their offers, services and contents. This figure will potentially reach 91% by 2020. Customer data continues to be the focus of attention for CX (Consumer Experience) Professionals, because to stay in the game, companies need to offer their customers the most personalized service or product possible. To do so, artificial Intelligence allows critical customer information to be traced back from a gigantic volume of data. However, in the next few months, there may also be some dissatisfaction among consumers. Technologies such as chatbot and voice assistant are increasingly being used, but understanding how to use these tools could lead to frustration.

  1. More accessibility and mobility

Mobile accessibility is trend 2019 number one if you ask the software professionals. They need to refine their mobile strategy to remain competitive, as PC-only solutions are obsolete. An average cloud user synchronizes their documents between their PC and mobile and previews them on their mobile app. Access to the latest version on any media is also a function that cloud storage will focus on in 2019 and that becomes important for users.

  1. How to counter malware boosted by artificial intelligence

When we talk about cyber attacks, the faults of software remain the entry paths par excellence. Hackers are constantly improving their techniques to effectively reverse software development processes. In addition, each year brings its share of new cyber attacks and 2019 will not escape. It was first identified that social networks would play a crucial role in cyber attacks. Finally, the use of emerging technologies (Cloud, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence,…) can mask the sources of attacks. Since last year, cybersecurity solutions based on artificial intelligence have continued to grow. So the hackers are starting to adjust. The exploitation of Artificial Intelligence for this type of action can cause major damage. It is by integrating automatic learning that automatic hacking will be born.