UnBreakable Encryption 98

Self Extracting Encrypted Files – Automatic Encryption – Quickview Encrypted picture files (14 file types) – Slick Win98 look – American Department of Defense standard file shredding – RC4 Algorithm – 2040 bit key size -Password loader – Dual password – Intuitive ease of use – Windows 98 gradient caption bars – bitmapped menus – DDECipher


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UnBreakable Encryption Features:

Self Extracting Encrypted FilesThere’s no easier way tosecurely distributea Document, Image or any other windows file than with UBE Self Extracting EXEs

QuickViewQuickView allows you to view encrypted files: The contents aredecrypted into memoryand shown to you: you canview picturesor documents!


You can accessUBE 98 Commandsfrom the Right-click context menu of any file! or from the file menu in Windows Explorer. This allows forcomplete ease of usein UBE 98

Password Loaderyou can load yourpassword into memoryto save typing!

Intuitive DesignUBE 98 isdesigned with the User in mindand thus everything is where you wouldexpect to find it: you don’t need to read the helpfile (but it’scomprehensive, just in case you don’t quite understand!)

Autocipheris automatic encryption/decryption of all files contained within folders you select: The folders areencrypted at shut down, and decrypted when the computer is turned on and the correct password has been entered. Thus encryption is made totallytransparent: all you have to do is enter a password!

UnBreakable Encryption has more features than any other similar windows 95/98/NT product !

Dual Passwords - One for Encryption, One for Decryption, or one for Both!

 DDECipher - Allowing you to load your password into memory with complete security intact!

 One of the Strongest Encryptions available in the UK in a program that everone will understand how to use ! Every file is encrypted with keys of 255 bytes! (255 characters, 2040 bits!)

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