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Brownbag Memorymate v2.6

Brownbag Memorymate (Memory Mate)is a freeform text retrieval system.

What that means is you can randomly enter any information, text, graphics, or whatever and as every key word is automatically indexed you will be able to retrieve the information at a later date. Just look at this features list:

  • Competent text editor with spell-check for direct typing
  • Import popular file formats
  • Other files formats can be linked by OLE.(don’t panic if you do not understand this).
  • Abilty to create ‘templates’ so data is laid out in a pre-defined way.
  • Find any record by boolean search including date created, imbedded dates, numbers, text.
  • Print to any Windows printer or save to another file.
  • Reminder function – have any record pop up on loading on a given date.
  • Drag any object into a record – for instance you could create screenfuls of Windows Shortcuts thus creating multiple toolbars (not sure why but you could do it)!

Uses for Brownbag Memorymate are:

  • Creating a hypertext based knowledge base for technical support (complete with graphics and Internet URL links).
  • Entering random information that ‘might be useful one day’. Ie where you may have seen an advertisement for a cheap hotel in the Outer Hebrides that you may wish to visit one day.
  • Birthday lists. Let the program remind you on a given date.
  • Old letters. Suck them in to Brownbag Memorymate for future reference. You will be able to find them by typing in relevant key search words. As Memorymate works with programs such as Textbridge you can scan in documents and store them in Memorymate.
  • Replaces all those Post-It™ Note type programs. (PostIt)

Brownbag Memorymate is dead easy to use. No setting up required – just start typing and searching! Why not try a copy now? Please click here to download a fully working copy for to try for 80 days or click here to purchase a copy